What People Believe About Evolution, Human Origins, and the Beginning of Life



The Human Question: What People Believe About Evolution Human Origins, and the Beginning of Life
by Hervey Cunningham Peoples
Red Lion Press(January 15, 2003)


The Human Question is a frank examination of all sides of the human origins debate. From Evolution to creation science and reincarnation to life on other planets, the book peels away the emotion from controversial topics to reveal the most common beliefs about human origins. Personal Interviews highlight each chapter and reveal why we often believe what aint so. Written with clarity and candor by a scientist for a general audience. Topics include The Five Most Common Beliefs About Human Origins – and the best evidence for each How and Where Did Life Begin? Seven Habits of a Healthy Skeptic The ABCs of the Evolution Controversy Five New Ways to Think About Evolution The Scientific Search for the Soul Is There Life on Other Planets? Reconciling Science and Faith The Answer.

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