Human Question book What People Believe About Evolution, Human Origins, and the Beginning of Life by Hervey Cunningham Peoples

THE HUMAN QUESTION: What People Believe About Evolution, Human Origins, and the Beginning of Life by Hervey Cunningham Peoples

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ISBN 0-9722330-6-7
Softcover. 296 PAGES
(30 B&W iIlus, index, biblio)

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What editors are saying…

Midwest Book Review – “The Human Question by molecular geneticist and avocational anthropologist Hervey Cunningham Peoples is a thoughtful and studious presentation of all that is known and all that is currently speculated about the scientific origin of humankind. Ranging from Darwin’s famous theory of evolution, to more recent hypotheses on how life itself may have begun, to the conflicts of secular scientific research with creationist theory, The Human Question is a compendium addressing the process of theory and debate in this continuing controversial issue. Summarizing both old and new finds in a prose text that is readily accessible to non-specialist general readers, The Human Question is recommended as an exciting, fascinating, informative survey of theories regarding the presence and evolution of human life on planet Earth.” [James Cox, Editor-in-Chief, Midwest Book Review]

The Huntsville Times – “No matter what your belief about the origin of life, you can profit from reading this book. It will inform, entertain, educate and surprise you – a guaranteed mind-stirrer that will help you find your own answer.” [Reese Danley-Kilgo, Huntsville Times] – (full review pdf )

What readers and media are saying…

“I found this book to be highly entertaining. The author has taken a deep subject and clarified it for the general public. I was very fascinated with the interviews and various outlooks on subjects I have often wondered about. In many instances, my opinions were reinforced. Other areas left me with questions to ponder. The book reawakened an interest to think about and discover how we came to inhabit the earth. I felt the book showed how religion and science are not necessarily at opposite ends of the pole. This is a book every human being should read.” [Sylvia Hemmerly from Port Richey, FL USA]

“The Human Question by Hervey Cunningham Peoples is an easy to read exploration of human origins. The text is well researched and deals with the issues of God, evolution and bibical teachings. The author succeeded in answering The Human Question. This text will enhance any individual’s understanding of the process of evolution and will certainly help in refining their own personal opinions. The book is must reading for both amateurs and professionals.” [Jerry from Alabama]

“You were one of our favorite guests ever — smart, funny, thoughtful, and really enjoyable to talk with. I think lots more people would be interested in science if they got to discuss it with you!” [Bee Brahm and Wayne Metrano, Hosts, “Night Light” WSAR (Boston Area)]

“Hervey is sharp — she knows what she’s talking about. Her knowledge and passion of this area is unparalleled and irreplaceable…she simply is amazing.” [Joe Salzone, Host, “Tonight with Joe Salzone” WGBB (Long Island, New York)]